The project

CRAFTS – Network for Joint Initiatives for Their Protection, Promotion and Turning Them Into Tourist Attractions

Project # CB005.2.23.022, Contract #РД-02-29-187/23.07.2019

Lead Partner: Lalapasa Union for delivering services to villages, District governorship of Lalapasa, Turkey

Partner: Euroclub Woman, Bulgaria

Priority axis 2: Sustainable Tourism

Specific Objective 2.3 Increasing networking for development of sustainable tourism through cross-border cooperation initiatives.

Duration: 15 months (24.07.2019 – 23.10.2020)

Total project budget: 84 676.57 €

Main project objective: The project is aiming to seek and implement impact on large groups of people through initiatives for mutual learning and the formation of a common interest towards the cultural heritage of the two nations, separated by the border, by networking for greater involvement and turning the crafts and their products into tourist attractions. This could intrigued the citizens and tourists from both countries, as they see the crafts and their products form another point of view- as tourist attractions, as source of information, new knowledge for the nation that live on the other side of the border.

Specific objective: The project aims to contribute to the rapprochement between the craft and tourism sectors by creating stronger links between them – through an integrated value chain. The project will provide joint marketing and promotion efforts for the tourism and craft sectors to raise awareness and interest in craft culture among tourists. The development of tourist chains around craft workshops in urban or suburban areas is a possible strategy for local economic development and this will allow craftsmen to build relationships with tourists while promoting and maintaining traditional craft production practices.

Main project activities:

  • Press conference – four press conferences will be held to promote the project, its objectives, tasks, activities, results and support by the EU – 2 press-conferences for launching the project and 2 for its results in Bulgaria and Turkey.
  • Messages, publications, interviews and discussions in the regional media on the project topics – 10 publications, 10 project progress messages, 4 radio programs, 4 TV broadcasts, in the regional media in Bulgaria and Turkey on the project topics.
  • Means for visualization, information materials and promotional leaflet – a promotional leaflet will be printed in 2 languages – Bulgarian and Turkish with information about the project. Promotional materials / pens, folders, T-shirts, USB, notebooks / and roll-up banners will be produced todisseminate info for the project and its
  • Project Web site- it will disseminate up to date information, concerning project implementation
  • Questionnaire – information research and analysis of the opinions, needs, attitudes and interest of people to the status and capacity of crafts in both countries, quality of crafts; their interest in attraction and consumer products; interest in restoration of old crafts, as well as opportunities to become attractive tourist products. The survey will include 150 representatives from Bulgaria and 150 from Turkey. An analysis of the results of the study will be made and uploaded to the project site.
  • An international event in Lalapasha, Turkey to establish a network for cooperation, development and promotion of the cultural heritage in the field of crafts. It will be attended by 30 representatives from Bulgaria and 30 from Turkey, who will have the opportunity to work and exchange information in two days.
  • Information Brochure: “Crafts and Their Products – Isotric Heritage and Tourist Attraction in the Cross-Border Region Bulgaria-Turkey” – the edition will present information on the development and current state of crafts in both countries. About 20 crafts or rituals from each country and their products will be selected that have the potential to be developed as tourist attractions related to cultural heritage in the cross-border region and enabling them to be included in tourist routes and destinations. This will be a full-color booklet, bilingual (Bulgarian and Turkish) – 1000 copies. The brochure will be distributed during the project activities and freely available in the offices of the partner organizations.
  • Trainings in Bulgaria and Turkey in three traditional crafts: 3 trainings are planned in both countries, aimed at provoking the interest of the participants in practicing typical regional crafts. Each of the trainings will last 30 training hours, 5 days with 5 participants each.
  • Cross-border forums “Crafts from the Cross-border Region as Tourist Attractions” – one two-day event in Yambol, Bulgaria and one in Lalapasha, Turkey. Each of them will include a seminar part, presentation of interesting crafts, partnership meetings. The events will include exchanges of groups of 40 representatives from both countries.
  • International conference “Tourist attractions related to the products, traditions and customs of traditional crafts from the region” – a two-day conference in Yambol, Bulgaria. 40 representatives from Turkey and 40 from Bulgaria will take part in the conference. The event will include a seminar section and discussion panels, as well as on-site visits to people or organizations practicing typical crafts.

Target Groups

  • Tourist agencies, NGO, Craftsmen association, Public authorities , touristic NGOs, tourist departments in public authorities, media representatives, citizens and tourists, craftmen, people practicing crafts as hobby

The project is co-financed by the European Union through the Bulgaria-Turkey Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program 2014-2020