Euroclub Woman

Euroclub WomanEuroclub Woman has been created by a group of women who are involved in business activities in different sectors of the Bulgarian economy, industry and culture, women involved in science, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and journalists. Euroclub Woman objective is women entrepreneurship promotion, defend and promotion of women rights and interests in business, raising women prestige in business and also to make business an attractive field for women to express themselves, to create working communities between Bulgarian and European women, to develop and endorse moral values and civil society, to support social integration in different society status and their own realization, to respect human rights, to propose some support to women- entrepreneurs on each career level of their professional growth and in their business development.

Euroclub Woman cooperates with institutions, ministries, regions and different competent institutions for various projects implementation: training and introduction of contemporary tendencies for women entrepreneurship development, virtual business incubation for young entrepreneurs, public- private partnership, promotion and development of women entrepreneurial activities, monitoring, researches, enhancing the entrepreneurial values role, gender equality and equal rights for women.

To perform this task Euroclub Woman association relies on a team of specialists in different fields- trainings, consultancy, information activities and marketing, European funding access, project coordination for promoting women entrepreneurship and women equity.

Euroclub Woman has a Managing Board of 5 members. President of the Managing Board is Mrs. Tatyana Balakchieva. She is graduated IT engineer, master in finance and accountancy.

Mission of Euroclub Woman:

  • To collaborate with public institutions, NGOs, associations and others for business climate improvement in Bulgaria, for Bulgarian economy development and for approval of Bulgarian production and services in the international market;
  • To establish partnerships on a national and international level with governmental organizations and NGOs;
  • To support its members business promotion and expansion;
  • To support finding new partners and markets in the country and abroad;
  • To implement policy aimed at friendship and partnership with other women organizations in the country and abroad in interest for women entrepreneurship development in Bulgaria;
  • To mediate women- entrepreneurs interests protection on municipal, district, regional and national level;
  • To promote and activate entrepreneurial women- employers activities in Bulgaria;
  • To conduct common projects and programmes activities together with women- entrepreneurs associations from the country and abroad;
  • To inform and support candidates to apply with projects for funding granted by European funds and other financial sources;
  • To make surveys, researches and elaborations connected to women entrepreneurship development in Bulgaria;
  • To support and stimulate professional preparation through information dissemination, trainings, business meetings, intensification of international contacts;
  • To promote professional education and its targets through information dissemination, organization of conferences, seminars, publications and refresher courses for better business communication knowledge;
  • To organize events for spiritual values affirmation, equity between genders, equal rights for women, civil society, education, science, culture and technologies.